Plot 1001d Ntinda-Kigowa, Kampala

The Ugandan Album - The MITH

When The MITH, one of Uganda's best Hip Hop artistes, approached us with a grand vision of a Hip Hop music album that sonically told Uganda's story, and had the potential to stand the test of time, we knew that we had an interesting challenge on our hands.

Hip Hop as a music genre in Uganda is under-appreciated, to say the least... and yet, it appears to be the canvas of the country's social lifestyle: a lot of material geared towards evoking audience engagement on a large scale draws from one of two of the Hip Hop elements.

Knowing this fact, we got onto a creative journey that maintained the core foundation of Hip Hop music, but branched out on several occasions to reach and be understood by every listener.

The result of this approach; a diverse Hip Hop Album with hit songs like "I Give Her Love" that are enjoyed by the young and old, the easterners, westerners, northerners alike.

This 16-song classic album, entirely produced by us, got the MITH to be voted as Artiste of The Year at the prestigious MTN Uganda Hip Hop Awards.




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